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With our Wedge Pillow being placed within most universal bassinets your baby’s comfort is essential in any given environment.

The most common recommended treatments by

paediatricians state that this given elevation pillow will not only keep your baby safe, but will bring long lasting comfort your baby needs within every night. 

Our Baby Wedge Pillow is designed with true passion in trying to make every parent satisfied with their baby's health and comfort. Being a new parent may often come with loads of stress and concern, but buying our baby wedge pillow will help decrease your nighttime worries.


With the incline of our pillow, worries such as colic and congestion will be no more. Your babies safety is our number 1 concern and we are here to ease your parenting, one sleep at a time.


Carrying the inner burden of always stressing out about if your baby might choke and having to always be on high alert. This can take a toll on your mind especially starting off as a new parent. Our Wedge Pillow is suitable when it comes to feeding/comfortability because by providing a gradual elevation it will prevent your baby from choking after a spit up and the avoidance of head deformity. 

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