White Feather

How To Use

Step#1:the mattress

Step#2: Positioning 

Place Baby Wedge Pillow at the head of your baby's crib mattress which may go over or under the fitted sheet. 

In the beginning stages please be aware of your baby and see how they react to the wedge pillow, sometimes babies like to move around a lot for extra safety measures.

When it comes to baby positioning, the head and torso are the most important part. You need to be fully aware of how you position your baby for maximum comfort.

#1 - > Head and Torso must be elevated on the wedge pillow.

#2 - > Babies bottom should be on the mattress and not on top of the wedge pillow.

3# - > Test the wedge pillow with your lovely baby and see how they react to the pillow before leaving them unsupervised.


Step #3: Resting 

When your baby has been positioned on their new babygrownow pillow, allow them to feel comfortable so they may begin resting at ease.