Frequently asked questions

Does the wedge pillow go ontop or underneath the fitted bed sheet?

Depending on personal preference, our bassinet wedge pillow comes with an "Anti Skid" bottom to prevent slipping when above the fitted sheet. When placed below the sheet, it will be as equally comfortable for your baby.

Are both covers washable?

The removable organic outer cover made of 100% cotton and is machine/hand washable, allowing for an easy and quick clean. The nylon water resistant inner cover prevents damage due to spit ups or other liquids.

Does this help the prevention of acid reflux ?

Yes, by positioning your baby's head on the pillow, it helps keep milk from coming back up to due to the normalitiy of acid reflux. The elevation of the pillow also works towards clearing of the nasal passage, alllowing them to be the most comofortable.

Are there any suffocation hazards?

We highly recommend that you read the 'HOW TO USE' section of our website and in the half round insert. The information provided in both sections will help you feel more safe. Positioning the Wedge Pillow properly and having your baby's head and torso secure will leave no problems.

What is the material made out of?

The exterior cover is made of 100% handcrafted organic cotton and the nylon water resistant inner cover is made of polyester. Which is indeed safe for your baby to sleep comfortably.

Will this fit most bassinets?

The Babygrownow Wedge Pillow fits most standard bassinets and stroller bassinets more than 15 inches wide. However, we recommend placing the wedge underneath the bassinet mattress pad if there is a gap of more than an inch around the wedge.

Does this work for acid reflux?

Yes holding your baby's head slightly raised can help keep milk from coming back up due to acid reflux. It could also clear out the nasal passages, helping them breathe easier and more comfortably.